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Vehicles of various models have always been popular in movies. Visually, the 2017 Nissan GT-R also comes with styling updates, larger V-Motion grill, new lip spoiler, front and rear bumpers on the outside and a luxurious Nappa leather interior on the inside. Only available in a two-door coupe version, the second-generation (C110) Nissan Skyline GT-R was the sign of things to come.

Let's hope that this doesn't mean that existing models are parked in garages and never driven, because driving is exactly what Nissan intended this GT-R to do. The V-Spec II (the V” stands for victory,” by the way) comes with all of the goodies that the original V-Spec had, but it's even harder-edged thanks to increased stiffness and lighter weight (primarily due to a special carbon fiber hood, spotted at a distance by the small NACA duct).

That said, oiling can be an issue for the former, as the early cars have narrow-drive oil pumps. Car magazines loved the Z, and rightly so, as its combination of power, looks, and performance is captivating. The Nissan GT-R has got an ideally sized, fuel-efficient and high performance engine.

Available in one primary trim, the 2012 Nissan GTR from Midway Nissan is equipped with many features including: heated power-adjustable seats, satellite radio, Bluetooth, keyless ignition and entry, iPod connectivity, dual-zone automatic climate control, a hard-drive based navigation system, an advanced information monitor and much more.

Starting with the coupe shell of ‘cooking' Skylines, Nissan's engineers aggressively widened the track, necessitating swollen wheelarches. The base Pure model has power features, heated front seats, leather upholstery, navigation, Bluetooth audio streaming, and performance run-flat tires.

The Skyline GT-R is the most popular of these, and we're told that the 49-state certification of this car is relatively straightforward and affordable. Granted, the base price is just over $100,000 for a 2016 model — but even so, the car has always been an extraordinary value for that level of performance.

Of course, power of this magnitude comes at a cost beyond the purchase price - the Nissan GT-R is unlikely to ever return more than 24mpg in fuel economy and VED (road tax) Nissan Skyline GT-R is not cheap. There's no one here that would dare argue it's not the best value for money supercar if raw performance is what you're after.

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